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Just Too Weak
A highschool boy learns his place.

Richie came down the stairs into the lunchroom. He looked around with a bit
of apprehension, and headed for the food. Grabbing a dry burger and a tray
of fries, he snagged a Coke and headed for the tables. Richie was 16, it was
1971, and he had just scrambled up from nerd status to dwell among the
outskirts of the cool. He was in with the freak scene, and had even gotten
the attention of some of the girls. He had inproved his guitar skills, grown
his hair over his shoulders, and finally developed enough facial hair to
shave. He had sprung up to well over 6' tall, though he hadn't really filled
out. Never a jock, Rich had always been picked last for teams, and was
pleased to have escaped the hell of phys ed classes by taking up fencing. He
had even begun lifting weights a bit, though he had to duck the jocks to
avoid trouble. Still, his skinny arms had gotten a little harder, his
shoulders a bit broader.

But the day before, something had happened to shake his confidence

So, he was pleased to find a seat without harrassment. But just as he was
having a few bites of his food, Karen and Bonnie joined him at his table.
Karen was his old friend, now 17 years old. She was short-ish, compact and
really pretty. Her long black hair framed a tanned face and red lips, pert
nose and brown eyes. Her hips were wide, her ass round, with a thick torso
and small, high breasts. She stood barely 5'6". Today she wore a little
t-shirt and hiphugger jeans, showing off her brown shoulders and tiny waist.
Richie had dated Karen, even though he had known Karen since childhood. The
two had often wrestled, even armwrestling. Sometimes Karen won, though it
had been years since they had tried it.
Bonnie, on the other hand, was a big girl. 5'10" tall and not quite 16, she
had huge tits on a thick chest under broad shoulders, with broad hips and
long, shapely legs. Her face was rather plain, but with curly blonde hair, a
bright, funny personality and soft lips that usually smiled, she got
attention. She wore a tight white shirt that made her bosom look huge,
tucked into a long, gauzy skirt. Karen had made friends with Bonnie a couple
of years ago, when Bonnie had turned out for various girl's athletics, and
had told Rich that Bonnie thought he was cute. Rich had yet to get up the
nerve to ask her out.
She smiled now, as she scooted her chair next to his. "Hey, big boy," she
vamped, and reached out to squeeze his arm. Richie automatically flexed his
muscles, and Bonnie petted the little swelling in his arm. She wrapped her
hand around it, and squeezed.

Rich's eye's glazed, and he felt a hot blush rise up his neck to his
cheeks. His mind flooded with the memory of the previous afternoon...
***   ***   ***   ***

Back behind the school, past the railroad tracks, there was a stand of
woods. In them was a clearing, grassy and often sunny, where students had
hung out for years. In Rich's generation it was the preserve of rock-n-roll
types, a place to smoke and hang out.
Rich had gone there after school with a novel, settled against a tree and
relaxed, warm sun on his chest. Into this idyll sauntered Karen and Bonnie,
with Jennifer, a pretty, slim girl a year ahead of the others.
"Hi Richie," Karen said, and plopped down next to him. "Hi yourself", he
answered, and quickly leaned over, stealing a kiss from Karen's pretty lips.
They had known each other for years, and had ^Ñmade out' a few times. With
quick reflexes she snatched the book from his hand, saying ^ÑWatcha
readin',", and giggling as he reached for it. As he reached across her, she
kissed him back, pushing him away from his book. He climbed over her and
grabbed her wrist. He pulled at her and she pulled back, both of them
giggling and struggling. "Hey, he's stronger..." Karen said, as her hand was
pulled toward Rich. "Well, I hope so," Jennifer said, as she smiled at the

Rich was stretched across Karen, his weight on one hand on the ground as he
tugged, the girl surprisingly strong, but slowly losing ground. "No," Karen
said, "I mean he's stronger than he looks." Karen grabbed Rich's wrist, the
one with the hand that held her own wrist, and pulled hard. Rich felt himself
overbalance, and he fell across her, rolling onto his back.

Dropping the forgotten book, Karen laughed and jumped quickly to her knees,
pinning Rich's arm to the ground with both of her hands. "Gotcha!" she
crowed, and put her whole weight on his arm. Rich struggled for a moment,
but it was obvious that his arm was pinned. He flopped on to his back, still
grinning. Karen pounced on him and kissed him hard, her hands on his
shoulders, weight on his body. He lay back, giggling even under her lips,
then he quickly turned the tables. He grabbed her shoulders and rolled her
over, still kissing her.

"Help," she cried, laughing, "the big strong boy has me..." She locked an
arm around his neck and squeezed, pressing his face to hers. He felt like
his neck was in a press, and he gripped her arm, trying to pull it off. He
had little luck, feeling her arm harden under his hand. Then she wrapped her
thick thighs around his narrow waist and squeezed hard. Rich felt the air
leave his gut in a whoosh, as she applied crushing power to his midsection.
"Hey," he mumbled stupidly, and started to really struggle. "Hey, cut it
out!" he said, sounding a little whiny, as he tussled, unable to get free of
the small girl's holds. "Ya, pile on!" he heard, and felt another weight
land on his back. He felt long arms wrap around his chest, and heard
Bonnie's giggle in his ear. Then he saw Jenni sit down in front of him. She
reached under his arms and began to tickle him hard. He writhed in the grip
of the two girls, plainly helpless, as the shocks of the tickling ran
through him.
Rich was pretty ticklish. When Jenni's sharp little fingers dug into his
nerves he spasmed, and any chance he had of resisting vanished. His chest
felt compressed by Bonnie's arms and weight, and Karen had him firmly
wrapped in her arms and legs. He kissed Karen again, and turned his head
around to try to look at Bonnie. "OK, I give..." he gasped, and was
surprised to be kissed by her as well.
Bonnie rolled off of them, but held on to his chest, pulling him from
between Karen's legs. She let him go, and they all flopped onto the ground,
gasping and chuckling, except for Jenni, who just sat on her haunches,
watching. She sniffed, grinned, and said "Gee Bonnie, for a guy you thought
was cute, he seems kinda like a sissy." She got up, and dusted off her jeans
"Looked to me like you girls just kicked his ass!" She walked out of the
glade, still chuckling. Bonnie sat up, and looked down at Richie. As he met
her gaze, he realized that he had a raging erection. Glancing around, he saw
Karens knowing glance, and her smirk., and felt a blush flow over his neck
and face. Then he felt Karen's hands on his back and neck, kneading. "I'm
sorry," she said, sounding sincere. "Yeah, Richie, me too," Bonnie said, and
leaned over to kiss him again, this time a longer, sweeter kiss. "I've been
wanting to do that..." she said.

Richie blushed again, and mumbled something as he reached to pick up his
novel. The moment seemed to pass. They stood, all a little uncomfortable,
and left. But as they walked, Bonnie gave him a quick squeeze and a kiss,
and, to his surprise, Karen gave his arm a quick, hard, squeeze. It was all
he could do to keep from saying ouch.

***   ***   ***   ***
The next morning, as he was entering the school building, he ran into
Jenni, who was walking with some of the girls from the cheerleading squad.
Jenni giggled something into the nearest girl's ear, and they all laughed as
he approached.
"Hey tough guy," Jenni said as he passed, "get beat up by any girls yet
today?" Richie felt his face go bright red, and he hurried on past the
giggling group.
***   ***   ***   ***

Now he blushed again as Bonnie squeezed. Her big hand seemed to reach most
of the way around his upper arm, and his pride made him flex his biceps as
hard as he could, without moving. Bonnie smiled her big, warm smile as she
gently felt his arm.
"Karen's right, Rich," Bonnie said, "I think you probably are stronger than
you look..." Then her hand squeezed harder, and harder still. "Still not
really very strong, though, huh?" She was squeezing hard, and his muscle was
squishing some under her thumb. It hurt, but he held what he hoped was a
manful smile. "Gee, Karen," Bonnie said, grinning, "his arm really is
"I know," Karen answered, smiling a pretty smile, "I've known him since 4th
grade, and he's always been just too weak." Karen scooted her seat around to
his other side, and said "He has gotten cuter, though." In a pre-emptive
move, Rich put his own hard around Karen's arm. He gave it a little squeeze,
and said, "C'mon Karen, you guys just got the drop on me yesterday. There's
no way you're as strong as a guy!" He gave her arm another squeeze, and a
little shake. Suddenly she flexed her arm, and Rich felt his fingers pushed
apart by a small but hard mass of muscle. "Wow," he said, squeezing her
flesh, " you're stronger than you look too, babe! Where'd you get muscles
like that?"
"I've been going to the gym with Bonnie - she's helping me get strong."
Karen said. She increased her efforts, and her muscle hardened even more.
Not too big - probably not bigger than his - but so hard he could barely
dent it. Rich gently squeezed and stroked her arm, as Bonnie did the same  -
less gently - to him.

Karen smiled to herself as she watched Rich's eyes glaze over. She knew
that she was right - Rich was turned on by girls' muscles. She watched as
Bonnie pulled his face to hers for a kiss, saw his slender hand carressing
her own flexed arm. She felt a twinge of jealousy - but this was Bonnie's
little project, after all!
"Yes Rich, Karen's been lifting with me." Bonnie said. She released his arm
and took his hand in hers. His hand was longer, but it felt very soft and
smooth, narrower than hers. Rich's head turned to her as she played with his
hand. "We've seen you in there, you know." she grinned, and put his hand on
her own right arm. She flexed a little, and Rich felt her bicep expand and
harden. "We think you look cute, working so hard to lift the little weights
you use. Karen lifts as much as you with her arms, and way more with her
legs." Karen extracted her arm from Rich's other hand, and Bonnie in turn
pulled his head to hers, with one big hand on the back of his neck, pressing
his lips with hers in a long, sweet kiss. Some of the other kids hooted at
them, and she pulled back, smiling, and said, "Of course, I lift almost
twice that..." She squeezed her arm harder, and Rich was amazed at the
muscle that appeared under his hand. It was bigger than a lemon, and though
it was covered by soft flesh, it was rock hard and pulsing with her blood.

Bonnie extracted her arm from Rich's hand, and took his biceps in hers. She
stood and, smiling, pulled the taller boy to his feet. Karen stood with
them, and took his other arm. "C'mon, Rich," Bonnie said, "Let's go
somewhere more private."
They sauntered off, Rich with two cute girls on his arms. But he noticed
that both girls held his arms tightly, Bonnie's big hand squeezing tightly
as he flexed under her grip. At least flexed he felt like he gave the
impression of having some muscles. But the way the girls were squishing his
biceps, he wasn't sure they would agree...

Leaving the school (and its 1970s ^Ñopen campus'), they wound their way into
the patch of woods beside the railroad tracks, until they arrived at the
grassy clearing. They found a shady place in the woods, and as they were
sitting down together, Bonnie said, " OK, Karen, which one of us goes
first?" Richie had a feeling that at least some of his dreams were about to
come true...

"Oh, I think I should soften him up for you, Bonnie," Karen said, and they
laughed. Bonnie let his right arm go, and Karen put both arms around his
neck and pulled him into a kiss. "Girls," he said, "I don't think this is
going to make anything softer..." He reached around Karen and carressed one
small, firm breast. She tightened her grip around his neck, and crushed his
lips with hers, then with a sudden wrench she was pushing him down onto the
grass. "Hey!" he exclaimed as he gazed up at her pretty face, then she was
flopping down beside him, with her elbow on the ground. "C'mon, Richie," she
said, "let's see what you've got."

Richie moaned and laughed a little, trying to refuse. Karen insisted, and
Bonnie chimed in, saying, "Yeah, Rich, we want to see if you're really a big
sissy, like Jenni says." Bonnie flopped down beside him, "We figure that you
should be able to beat little Karen here, and then we can honestly tell
folks that you're not as weak as a girl." She through an arm over his
shoulders, and squeezed him to her side, stroking his arm and pushing up his
shirtsleeve, exposing his arm. "Ya know, I think you're pretty cute,
Richie," Bonnie whispered in his ear, "I just want to see how strong you

Richie was ashamed of his arms. They were pale and skinny and soft, and he
always kept them covered, especially his biceps. Now he blushed, but he knew
that he had to look good for these girls. As far as he was concerned he was
going to get as much out of their rather strange behavior as he could. Karen
had always been a tom-boy, and she beat him at armwrestling when they were
little kids, but the last time they tried it, after he'd grown, he had won.
So now he took a deep breath and put up his arm. Just for effect, he flexed
a couple of times, producing a gentle swelling in his white arm. To his
surprise Bonnie leaned down and kissed his bicep. "For luck," she said.

"I think you're gonna need it," Karen said. She pushed up her own sleeve,
and pumped her own arm a couple of times, making a thick strap of bicep
appear. Her arm was pretty obviously better developed than his, with visible
muscle where he had none, though his arm was clearly larger. Bonnie slid a
book under Karen's elbow to even their grips, and they locked hands. Bonnie
counted to three...

Both kids seemed to try to get a fast advantage. They strained hard,
pushing hands back and forth a few inches. Then they steadied, and Rich had
a few inches of advantage. Karen grinned grimly. "We do watch you in the
gym, you know," she said, as she pushed hard on Rich's hand. "Bonnie asked
me about you, and I told her that you were probably the weakest boy I'd ever
met, when we were little." Rich felt himself losing ground - they were even
again. Karen's words got through to him, and suddenly he was angry! He'd
spent months working on his body, and he knew that he was stronger than ever
before. He put everything he had into pressing Karen's arm. He pushed her
back an inch or two, but then her grin widened. "Ooooohh," she cooed,
"you're so much stronger now, eh?" she mocked. Rich saw her arm pump up, her
hard little bicep swelling even more, and he felt his arm tremble, then
begin to move toward the ground. "Oh, yeah, so much stronger than when I
kicked your ass in 6th grade!" Now Karen was overpowering the younger boy,
and in another half-minute she forced his hand down to the leafy ground.

"God damn it!" Richie yelled, his face bright red, his mind spinning. Right
in front of the two girls he figured he had a chance with, he looked like a
weak, little sissy. He jerked his hand away, but Karen held his hand tight,
pressed to the ground. He struggled for a moment, then Bonnie put her arm
around his shoulders again, and stroked his arm. She said, "Don't Rich," and
leaned in to kiss his cheek. He turned his face toward her, and she kissed
him hard, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Karen still held his hand
pinned; now she kissed his wrist, and let it go. Bonnie's heavy arm held
him, and she snaked her other arm around him, pulling her body close to him.
"Listen, Richie," she said, "I think you're really cute." She kissed him
sweetly again. "It doesn't matter to me if you're skinny," she squeezed his
arm hard again, his bicep squishing in her hand. She glanced over at Karen,
and both girls giggled, "and soft," she squeezed again, "really soft..."

This talk made Richie's body warm, and the nearness, the firm press of
Bonnie's big, soft breasts made it hard for him to catch his breath. But it
also made him feel like he should get mad, like he should try to take
control. He wrenched at Bonnie's hold, meaning to just get up and walk away.
"Bonnie," he said, "this has to stop. I gotta go." Bonnie had one of his
arms trapped against his side, and his right arm was free, her other arm
around his chest. He pushed away from her, shoving against her hsoulder, but
she just pulled him closer, turning him to press his chest against hers.

"OK you two, I'm leaving" Karen said, standing and brushing off her front.
Rich looked over at her, his look of bemused confusion and embarrasment
making her grin broad, and she flexed both arms like a bodybuilder.
"Remember, Richie - you didn't end up being stronger than a girl. In fact,
you're weaker than these girls here, at least." She blew him a kiss and
sauntered off, big butt swinging.

He pulled his face away from Bonnie's, and said, "Hey, Karen, wait up!",
struggling again in Bonnie's arms. She turned around and waved, and called
"You're not going anywhere for a while, I bet. You can tell me about it

"Geez, Bonnie", he said, stopping his struggling, which let her tight hold
pull him against her big curves, "are you crazy?" She put one hand behind
his head and pulled his lips to hers, despite his mild struggles. She kissed
him, then kissed his ear, and purred, "I'm not crazy, Richie - I'm just
horny!" She tightened her arms around him, pressing her hips and her big
chest to his body. He felt his 16-year-old dick harden instantly, and he
suddenly had eyes only for her soft lips.

For a minute they just kissed, and Rich was able to get his own arms around
Bonnie. His trapped hand found her big, round butt and his free hand ran
over her back and shoulders, then down one arm. He felt her arm flex as she
crushed him into her, and he was amazed at its size, and he squeezed
reflexively. She stopped her kiss and smiled, "Do you like that?" she asked,
and released his back to raise her arm and flex, fist cocked. "Feel that,"
she said, and Richie cupped the big muscle that popped under her tight
sleeve. It was much bigger than Karen's - he could get his hand a little
more than half-way around it. She pumped and flexed again, and swelled even
bigger. "That's fifteen inches of muscle, buddy," she said, with a quick
kiss. "Karen goes around thirteen-and-a-half inches these days." She
squeezed his arm again, and said "I'd guess your arm is around 14 inches,
but it's all mush, Richie - so, should we arm wrestle now?" She gripped his
wrist where he was fondling her big bicep, and ran her hand up his arm,
pulling it out straight. She fastened her grip on his bicep and squeezed
hard, crushing his flesh. Rich flexed reflexively but that just made her
grip painful, so he relaxed his arm and let her kneed his flesh like dough.
"Mmmm..." Bonnie purred "Just mush, Richie, just so soft, just too weak...
that turns me on so much!"

"But Bonnie," Rich replied, "don't girls like guys to be big and strong?"
Bonnie gathered him into her grip again, and easily rolled his tall body
over onto his back, her heavy body pressing on top. She pressed her lips to
his, his head locked in her elbow, and said, "I know, you want to be big and
strong, don't you? You work so hard with your little weights." She kissed
him again, still squishing his arm in her hand. "What do you bench now,
maybe 125?" she asked. He blushed again, and nodded. "That's light, Rich. I
benched that two years ago, when I was a lot smaller!"

A wave of humiliation and chagrin washed over Richie, as he realized that
all his work had resulted in him being as strong as a 13-year-old girl!! He
felt helpless and weak, Bonnie's heavy body compressing his chest. She
spread her legs, and planted her knees on either side of his hips. She sat
up, her crotch pressed against his. Rich's dick was rock hard, and bonnie
obviously noticed. Rich saw her nipples appear, pressing through her tight
"I'm the strongest girl I know, Richie, and no - I don't want a big, strong
guy. He'd just want me to be weak and soft, and I want to be the strong
one!" She flexed a double biceps pose, her lovely chest expanding as it
rose. Then she ran her hands up Richie's chest, squeezing his pectorals,
palming his nipples. "you are so cute," she bubbles, " and to find out that
you're so much weaker than me just sends me!"

"I'm not weaker!!" Rich whined, his voice quavering. He bucked his hips,
struggling to throw her off, grabbing her shoulders and pulling. It was
pointless. She probably weighed as much as he did, and bucking his hard
member aginst her was distracting. She just pressed her weight on his chest,
and stayed firmly astride him, grinning all the while. After a minute he was
exhausted, and lay still, breathing hard.
"Hmmm..." BOnnie said, looking down on his red face, "there's no point in
arm-wrestling you. Your little wet noodles couldn't beat Karen, and I'm a
lot stronger than her." She ran her hands up over her own body and squeezed
her big tits. She wiggled on his dick, making him red hot and throbbing.
"Here's what we'll do - if you can stop me from stripping off your shirt and
licking your little titties, then you'll win!"
"Aw, Bonnie, no!" he whined, now really upset.
"Aw, Richie, yes!" She laughed, and reached for the buttons at his neck.
Richie gripped her wrists and they struggled for a minute, as he held her
off. She grinned down at him and put her weight behind her push, bringing
her hands to his collar. Richie bucked and strained, but Bonnie clamped her
knees on his soft waist and squeezed hard. She got a button loose, and then
another, but Rich's struggles made her task difficult. With a quick twist
she broke his hold, and grabbed one wrist in both hands. Rich fought her,
but she easily pulled his hand down and ,scooting forward, tucked his arm
under her leg, pressing it hard against his side. Richie sputtered and
twisted, but he was helpless aginst the young girl's strength as she trapped
his other arm.

"There we are," Bonnie said smugly, "now you're mine." She quickly undid
his button and, reaching between her legs, pulled his shirt up to his neck.
Richie was blushing clear to his waist, humiliated and filled with lust.
Bonnie ran her hands over his chest, and pressed her thumbs hard into his
nipples. "Look at those cute, pink little titties," she cooed, "your chest
is so soft and white..." She slid down him, releasing his arms from her
knees, and snuggled her crotch onto his bulging jeans. He struggled weakly,
most of his strength exhausted, and he gripped her biceps and tried to move
her. She looked up at his red, confused face, and flexed her arms. "Yeah,
big boy, feel those..."

Richie felt her arms swell and harden, and felt a wave of lust wash through
him. He realized that she hadn't been using even most of her strength to
control him, as her biceps, filled his hands. He stopped resisting BOnnie's
embrace, and Bonnie smiled up at him, and tightened her embrace. "There we
go," she purred, "just like Karen said... You like my muscles, don't you..."
Then she put her lips on his little nipple and licked and sucked hard.
Richie felt her big, hot mouth work his soft chest, felt her big, hard arms
pump in his hands...

He came like a rocket in his pants, as Bonnie crushed his cock under her
hips. He whimpered and gasped, and Bonnie looked up at him again. She smiled
as she saw the empty look on his face, and took his wrists in her hands.
With grace like a lioness she stood over him, pulling his limp arms
straight, and pulled his shirt up over his arms, peeling it from his skinny

She looked down at him, gazing at the growing wetness at his crotch, and
smiled, "Looks like you do like me!" She knelt down by his head, and said,
"So here's the deal - tomorrow night I'm babysitting, and I'll have the
house to myself for hours." She leaned down and kissed him sweetly, "You're
going to come over, and we'll have a more serious make-out session." She
kissed him again, and ran a hand to his tittie, rolling his nipple in her
fingers, making him moan a little.

She stood again, and tucked a note into the pocket of his shirt. "You can
wrap this around your waist and cover your little mess, or you can cover
your pretty white titties..."

Either way, I'll see you at lunch tomorrow, and we'll talk about tomorrow

Just Too Weak Pt1 by plowjack

/ / / / ©2013-2017 plowjack
Mature Content
chasbanner Featured By Owner May 2, 2013
i liked the bit with him being as strong as her thirteen year old self
plowjack Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I can just see her grinning as she teases and squeezes...
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