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by plowjack

Her huge white thighs clamped down hard on his leg, making his thigh feel as
though it were pinched flat. He moaned a little and tried to pull his thigh
away from her hot pussy, but Diana's thick legs held him tight. Her pretty
mouth smiled as she wrapped her long arms around him, drawing him into her
broad chest, pressing his upper arms to his sides. He ran his hands down her
back to cup her round ass.

Her thighs swelled again, crushing his thin leg, and her butt hardened in his
hands, His cock swelled against her as she crushed him to her. "You like that,
don't you, honey," she said, moving her hands down to his skinny ass. He felt
her fingers squeeze his flesh, and he flexed his glutes.. She chuckled, and he
felt her fingers squeeze his muscles despite his flex. 'Feel that hard-on...
mmmm... I think somebody likes it rough!" she said, as she kneaded his ass.
She found his mouth and kissed him hard. She dug her fingers harder into his
ass and he moaned a little, rubbing his cock against her thick public hair.

They had hooked up at a musical show, one of those multi-stage sorts where
people camp out for a couple of days. They had met a few times before, and he
had felt a chemistry with her that apparently was mutual.

She stood 5'11 to his 6'4", she was broad-shouldered and wide hipped to his
reedy slenderness. Her long, brown hair, pale skin and red lips, her clever
green eyes, all looked lovely to him. Her shapely, deep bosom and round ass
seemed positively magnetic.

They watched a couple of bands, and danced together, and soon found themselves
under a tree kissing. He had been completely unused to a woman who could stand
on tip-toe and look him nearly in the eye. After a while she offered the
hospitality of her nearby farmhouse, as they drank another round. He accepted

Thus he found himself naked with her, on a thick cloth mattress in a big tent
draped with colorful cloth. He went brain-dead with lust when she revealed her
thick, shapely body, kissing her from top to bottom. He slipped his thigh
between hers, pressing gently against her warmth. Her thighs - probably
half-again the size of his - clamped down like wooden bars and her long, round
arms squeezed him tightly.

"Mmmm... I think somebody likes it rough," she purred, as she felt his cock
harden against her pubes. "Is that so," he answered, grinning back at her,
"well I can be rough if that's what you'd like." He wiggled his arms out from
hers, and pushed back on her shoulders as he tried to roll on top of her. He
discovered that he still couldn't pull his leg from between hers. He got her
sort of under him, but his leg was in the way. She was still smiling, up at
him now, with a look of surprise. She began to roll him back, and they laughed
together. He felt her wide shoulders swell and harden in his hands. Her arms
raised her hands clamped onto his biceps, then in a smooth, sure movement she
slammed him onto his back with his arms crushed in her fingers and his leg
trapped in the air above her ass.

Her big breasts pressed against his chest, her mound pressed his hard cock
into his belly. He struggled to raise his arms, but she pushed herself down on
him and they stayed pinned firmly. She released his leg and kissed him deeply.
His cock twitched under her, even as he failed to break her hold. Her fingers
felt like thick cords that tightened on his biceps. He flexed his muscles
hard, and she moaned a little as she squeezed, his flexed arms giving easily
in her grip. A wave of pleasure ran through him, and he relaxed into her kiss,
letting her hands squish his softened arms.

"No, silly," she purred as she pulled her lips from his, "Not me... you!" "Me
what?" he said, as she released his arms but let her whole weight lay on his
chest. Her damp heat was pressed against his cock, but she kept herself away
from the head, so that he couldn't enter her. "You like it rough, you big
marshmallow..." she stretched out her legs to either side of him, slamming her
body lightly down onto his. "Marshmallow?!" he laughed, and tried again to
push her off of him. She kept her legs spread wide, and he discovered that she
was much heavier than she looked. He found that he could barely lift her off
of his chest, and his arms just could not hold her there for long.

She grabbed his wrists and again forced his arms to the bed. "Yup," she
mocked, " a big, good-looking marshmallow." She brought his wrists next to his
shoulders, then wrapped her arms around his arms and body, trying to pin his
arms to his sides. They rassled a bit and she tipped off of him, only to slip
a leg between his and manage to pin his left arm with her right. She bear
hugged him tightly and pressed her big thigh firmly up against him, spreading
his legs. "There, gotcha!" she crowed, and started kissing his face and neck,
pressing her bosom against his chest and rubbing her thigh against his balls.

He struggled for a bit, but his left arm was solidly pinned. He went for
turn-about, and clamped his legs around her thigh. Her lips were warm on his
neck as he squeezed her thigh, wrapping his right arm around her. She purred,
and thrust her pussy against him. Then he felt her leg swell, her whole body
hardening. His legs just seemed to bend around hers as her chest expanded, her
arms squeezing his chest and arm tight. She kissed her way up his neck and
found his mouth, their tongues flicking.

He felt his cock swell again in the warmth of her tight embrace. A rush spread
through him and he let himself surrender to her grip. His body was compressed,
even a whoosh ofair leaving him as her arms and chest crushed him. He ran his
hand over her back, amazed at how broad and hard it was, then over her
shoulder and down her arm. He had loved the look of her big, round arms on her
big frame. Now he was shocked to feel thick, hard muscle under the velvet of
her skin.

He felt her huge thigh press into his balls and her chest and arms tighten as
her hot mouth crushed his lips. He squeezed her left arm, and then squeezed
harder. He could barely compress the thick flesh, and her muscles rippled as
she ran her hand up to hold his head. Her biceps swelled like an orange in his
hand as she thrust her tongue into his mouth. Suddenly gasping for breath, he
ceased all resistance, lying limp but clinging to her arm.

"Oh baby," he breathed, as he returned her kisses. "Oh baby, what?" she asked.
Still keeping him in her hold, her body pressed to his. She softened her
crushing squeeze, and gazed into his eyes with her blue-green lights. "You're
so... so hot!" he said, covering her lips with small kisses. His hand still
gripped her biceps, now a little more relaxed. She released him and lay next
to him a moment. "I certainly am," she answered, gently pushing him onto his
back, where he lay catching his breath. She raised herself up on her knees,
her big tits swaying over her tight waist. She put her hands behind her head,
and her round, brown arms flexed. "I'm so hot that you're just a melted
marshmallow," she laughed, and ran a hand over his chest. She cupped hand and
kneaded his tit. He reached up and cupped one of her breasts. He kneaded it
gently, it's mass too great to really fit in one hand. He thumbed her nipple,
and she threw herself down onto his chest, taking his pectorals in her hands.
She kneaded them deeply, her fingers bruising the soft muscle, making him
protest. He grabbed her wrists but couldn't wrestle her hands from his chest.

"Oh stop it, silly," she said, caught his left wrist in her left hand, and
pulled it under his head. She pressed herself against him, laying on his right
arm. "You love this... you get hard as a rock when I show you how much
stronger I am than you." She ran a hand down his body, slowly kneading his
flesh. He said, "You're strong, that's for sure, but you're not really as
strong as me- you got the drop and me, and used your weight.... Ooohhh..." He
sighed as her hand found his stony cock. She gripped it gently and said,
"Baby, you seem soft as can be to me," she slowly stroked his shaft, "But
you're not completely weak - I've made guys my size beg me to let go with a
squeeze like I just gave you."

He blushed hot at her soft, mocking words, even as his hips rose in response
to her hand. Barely three minutes ago he had been crushed into helplessness by
this lovely woman. Now he felt some macho impulse to assert his masculine
strength. Despite the urge, he felt weak and excited as she stroked him. She
still held his left wrist twisted under his head, and he made to twist his
wrist from her grip.

She lay on her left side next to his right, her right hand slowly working his
member. He strained, trying to twist his wrist, but her slender fingers
tightened like ropes, and he couldn't budge his arm. Waves of pleasure from
his cock convinced him not to try any more to escape.

"You tried to break my grip, didn't you?" she asked, kissing his neck warmly.
He blushed again, and nodded. "You couldn't do it, could you?" she asked, and
he shook his head. Once again his hips bucked and he maoned as she squeezed
and stroked.

She had, of course, felt his effort to free his arm. He wasn't really totally
weak - she had probably bruised his wrist using enough force to restrain him.
When she had set her sights on him, she wondered whether there was any meat to
his big arms, his broad shoulders. Handsome and smart, he had obviously been
attracted to her big, thick body. AS they hung out he had taken every chance
to touch her shoulders, her arms. When they embraced, she had felt immediately
that he was a softy. She could compress his back and chest with a gentle
squeeze, as she measured such things, Cute as he was - and she was sure that
she wanted him to play with - he was just another softy. She wondered whether
he admitted to himself that he wanted a woman to work him over and do him

Now she had him restrained, on his back, his nice cock nearly pulsing in her
hand. What to do, what to do...

She leaned over and kissed him hard - his lips responded hungrily, and me
moaned a little without struggling. She said, "Damn, you're good looking," she
kissed his face with little kisses, his mouth open, lips red. "Oh please..."
she heard him moan. She ignored him, and went on, "those sweet lips, those
eyes... and just so helpless for me." "You guys get all urgent when you're
hard..." she kissed way down to his nipple and back to his lips, "you're nice
and big and hard, too..." she said, releasing his wrist and slipping her hand
under his head to grip his biceps. He moaned again and said, "please, please
let me be in you." "That may yet happen, baby," she said, as he writhed under
her hand, "but you're so soft and weak, I just have to play with you a while."
She squeezed his big arm in one hand, and his hard cock in the other. He had a
guy's usual reflexes, and she felt him flex his biceps in her hand.

"Mmm..." she purred, " nice and thick and hard..." she began to really work
his cock, while squeezing his arm hard. His muscle was pretty big, but not
really hard, she could compress his arm easily. His cock was stony, though,
and as she squeezed and stroked, she said "but I want you to know how helpless
you are in my arms, so we have to soften you up. We're gonna take that big
boner away from you for a while."

He squirmed in her grip, as he felt his orgasm approach. His left arm was
caught in her grip, his right pinned under her. He felt her hand clamp down on
his arm and he flexed again, but she pressed a thumb into his muscle, hard.
She whispered in his ear, "If I squeeze just hard enough, you'll get all
squishy for me, won't you..." Her hand pumped once again, and he felt his cock
go off. "There we go," she murmured, and his cock pumped onto his chest and
belly "fells so good to have the big, strong woman squeeze you..." He felt her
hand seem to double its pressure on his arm and her thumb crushed his muscle,
making him gasp aloud, and ending his efforts to flex. Her hand crushed and
kneaded his limp arm, as her other hand did the same with his dick. More
pulses of pleasure washed through him as she squished and kneaded his
softening body. He could only gasp, and moan incoherently," Oh... so...
you're... oh..." as she crushed his arm and his cock..

She felt squishy herself, between her legs, as she watched his handsome face,
eyes closed now, lips parted. She kneaded his swiftly shrinking cock, and felt
his arm go soft in her hand. "Try to tell me that you don't like it rough!"
she teased, kissing him, his lips answering hers hungrily. She crushed his
little biceps again and he opened his eyes. "Please," he said, with a little
whimper in his voice, "you're hurting my arm." She let up on his arm, saying,
"Oh, I'm sorry baby. You're just so soft..." Kissing him again, she said, "I
just don't know my own strength sometimes."

He lay panting on his back, but she had no intention of letting him rest. She
climbed onto his chest and straddled it, stretching her body, then pulling her
arms downward, into a double biceps flex. "Look at this baby," she said, as he
stretched his own body and rubbed his bruised arm. He felt totally confused.
He had wanted this woman so much, and he had gotten her. Now he had been
totally humiliated by her aggressive domination - he felt as soft and weak as
she said he was. Yet her lips were so sweet as he responded to her kisses, and
she released him, when he begged her.

Now he looked up at her as she stretched and flexed. Her d-cup chest was firm
and round, her waist small. Her arms swelled dramatically as she flexed. She
wasn't cut like a bodybuilder, he had felt the layer of softness over her hard
muscle. Now he ran his hands up her sides, bypassing her lovely breasts to
feel her flexed arms.

She watched the confused lust on his face, wondering whether she would have to
work him over some more. He reached upward, but when he moved past her tits to
feel her biceps, she knew he was hers. His grip on her arms was gentle, but
his eyes went wide as she pumped her arms. "Feel how big and hard those are,
baby," she crowed, flexing again.

He was amazed at how big and hard her muscles felt. Her biceps were round and
thick, and her triceps swelled, making her arms thick and hard clear through.
She flexed again and her muscles swelled and hardened. He squeezed them, then
squeezed harder, but he didn't seem to make much of an impression on her arms.
He decided to try again, and applied crushing force to her flexed arms.
"Ooooo... what a grip," she teased. She flexed her arms twice, and her biceps
actually swelled further in his grip. "You're too weak, honey", she said. She
was delighted to find her arms so much stronger than his hands, and she felt
her juices flow at his feeble effort. "Oh, I just can't wait any more..." she

He knew that he had failed to make an impression in her oaken arms. She
scooted forward on his chest, took his forearms in her hands, and ignored his
half-hearted resistance to press them down over his head. She put her shins
over his arms and planted her pussy on his mouth. "My turn baby - make me
come!" she ordered, grinding her wetness on his lips.

It didn't take him long. Trapped in the hot darkness, he applied his skills,
licking and sucking. After just a couple of minutes she began to rock and
moan, her shins pulped his arms as she rubbed her wetness on him. She worked
her clit over his face, coming again. Then she seemed to rest, letting her ass
press his head into the bed.

She was pleased. His skills seemed good, and her orgasms had, as always, left
her feeling strong. She was delighted that he was submitting to her power, not
even struggling now, his hands running over her legs as she dripped on his
face. She raised herself from him and heard him gasp for air. She slid from
the bed and went to the bathroom door, then turned to look at him.. He was
still flat on his back, arms spread, face red, as he found his breath. "C'mon,
marshmallow," she said, hands on her wide hips, "let's take a shower." He
slowly got to his elbows, and she walked over to him. She extended a hand, and
he docilely took it and allowed himself to be pulled to his feet. She looked
him up and down, appreciating his slender body, smiling at the mess drying on
his chest and belly. "C'mon, squishy boy," she said, leading him in. As they
entered the dimly lit room, he gazed at her curves and flowing hair, and
stepped in to press herself against her. "You're so beautiful," he said. She
rubbed herself against him, squishing his cum between them, and they kissed,
her hand on his neck. Then she pushed him away, and turned to the shower.

It was large, no tub, with a bench and plenty of room for two. She arranged
the water and grabbed his arm, pulling him roughly into the spray. The warm
water washed over him, and he felt her pressed against his back, her arms
wrapped around his chest. She hugged him, and then spun him around. She shoved
him against the wall of the shower and got a bottle of peppermint soap. She
poured some soap into her hand and began to wash him. She loved how soft he
felt under her hands. Men like this she easily controlled, used as she
pleased. She washed his chest, pressing the heels of her hands into his thin
body, holding his slim, soft waist between her hands.

He closed his eyes and felt her squeeze and caress him. Her hands were warm
and hard, and his body seemed to give way to them. She dug her fingers into
his waist, and he gasped and squirmed, his back against the cool tile. She
pressed her big chest to his, and her pelvis pressed his to the wall, her
hard-muscled hips wider than his. She tickled his ribs hard for a few seconds,
then grabbed his biceps and crushed them against the tile. He groaned and
squirmed as she crushed his already bruised muscles under the heels of her
hands, but her heavy body had him pinned. "Just marshmallow, honey," she
purred, crushing his shoulders against the wall, "soft and sweet."

She wrapped an arm around his neck, pulling his lips a few inches down to
hers.. He slid down the wall a little, as the warm water and soap lubricated
their bodies. He lifted his hands, his arms trembling a little from the abuse
they had received, and found her breasts. They were large, firm and heavy, and
he kneaded and cupped them as they kissed. Her hand ran down his chest to find
his soft cock, as she crushed his mouth with hers.

His cock swelled a little in her hand, but he didn't seem to be ready for
more. She chuckled, and said, "I know you love this, baby," as she worked his
dick for a minute, with little effect, "but you're still too weak for a hard
on, I can tell." She released him completely, and he scrambled to keep his
feet as the soap loosened his footing. He stopped his slide and looked up at
her. She was handing him the bottle of liquid soap. "Your turn to wash me,"
she said.

He was in heaven. He squirted the soap on her back and washed her with his
hands. Her back was wide and solid and he dug in, massaging the thick muscle
of her neck and shoulders. He washed her lower back, and massaged her round,
rock-hard butt. When he began washing her arms she turned around to face him.
His hands caressed her big arms, the flesh firm but relaxed and soft. He
squeezed her biceps, and she grinned up at him. He felt her arms thicken and
harden in his hands, then she lifted her forearms and her biceps exploded in
his grip. The swelling muscle drove his fingers apart as he squeezed. "God,
your arms are huge!" he blurted out as she pumped in his hands, muscles
swelling under silky, soapy skin. "Huge compared to yours, anyway," she
chuckled, gripping his biceps in turn, "there are lots of guys with more
muscle than me, you know... too bad you aren't one of them." He gasped as she
crushed his arms in her hands, and then forced him to his knees, the water
pounding her back. "Your little muscles are marshmallows compared to mine,"
she teased, "now get busy washing my legs."

Her brown legs were like velvet-covered stone, her calves round, her thighs
huge. As he knelt before her, washing her legs, she squatted a little, parting
her legs, her thighs swelling with muscle. His soapy hands couldn't begin to
reach around her thigh, but his fingers found their way to her pussy, and she
moaned and stretched, squatting deeper before him. Her breast was in his face,
and he found her nipple and sucked, gently working her pussy with his soapy
hands. She took his neck in her hand and crushed her chest to his face, as he
sucked as much of her big breast into his mouth as he could. She moaned and
gripped his shoulders, her fingers bruising the soft flesh as she began to
come again. Her weight pressed him backward and he rolled onto his back, the
water falling on them as she came with a shuddering groan.

They lay in a heap, gasping and moaning, as the warm water pummeled her back.
She kissed him deep and pressed him under her whole weight, as he ran his
hands over her back and butt and thighs. Laughing sweetly again, she smooched
him and crawled up from him, to stand and stretch. She shot him a flex that
even lifted her Big breasts a bit, and winked, then she turned and quickly
finished washing, standing over him as he rose much more slowly. She stepped
out of the shower and closed the door, smiling and saying, "Finish up and come
to bed; don't make me come and get you!"

He stretched again and let the warm water wash him clean. By the time he
stepped out of the shower, the room was empty. There was a big, fluffy towel
on the commode, and he dried himself, and then combed his hair with the comb
on the counter.

He found himself regarding his body in the mirror. His chest and waist and
hips were slender and without visible muscle, his belly soft and a little
rounded. He flexed his right arm, and his crushed biceps swelled just a
little. He saw himself blush as he thought of her hard hands squishing his
body, and he felt his flexed arm... girls sometimes told him he had nice arms,
but his muscle felt soft and tender now. She called his name and said, "get
your big ass in here, baby," and he hurried out of the room.

She was waiting for him, sitting on the edge of the bed. She gestured and
said, "Come here, baby, let me hold you." He walked to her and she wrapped her
arms around him, then kissed his chest. He ran his hands over her neck and
shoulders and arms as she began to suck on his small nipples. He moaned as she
sucked and licked. Her hands found his ass, and she pulled him to her,
pressing his cock against her warm, soft bosom.

She was p[leased when he seemed to just melt into her arms. She could tell he
was hers now, convinced of his weakness, and her ability to overpower him at
will. She loved to feel him caress her muscles as she sucked his soft little
tits, and she felt his cock swell where it nestled between her breasts. She
moaned softly and rubbed her chest against him, feeling his cock grow harder.

He was getting hotter now, as she played with him, and he moaned in response
to her voice, He gasped as she bit hard on one nipple, then felt her arms
tighten around his hips as she lifted him from his feet, tipping them onto the
bed. Laughing and hooting, they rolled around until she got him on his back
again. She grabbed his forearms as she slid down between his legs, spreading
his legs uder her chest as she took his stiffening cock in her mouth.

He felt her hands clamp onto his arms, viselike, as her hot mouth engulfed
him. He arched his hips as she brought him to full erection, and moaned as her
thumbs pressed hard into his arms. "Oh baby," she murmured, , dropping his
wet, hard cock, you've got arms like a ragdoll..." She scooted up his body,
dragging her tits over him, manhandling his unresisting arms over his head. As
his lips found one of her big nipples, he felt her pussy press itself over the
head of his cock. She put her weight on his mushy biceps as she raised her
chest from his face, and slid herself down his rigid cock. With his body
pinned under her, she started to pound her hips down onto his, her face hot
and lovely as her tits bounced.

"MMMmmm... my favorite treat," she said, smiling down at him, "Whipped
marshmallow with a hard candy center!"

Marshmallow by plowjack

/ / / / / ©2013-2016 plowjack
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BoneSatellite Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
I love this one so much. The suggestion that the lady is black makes in perfect for me.
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What a fun story!
plowjack Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So pleased that you enjoyed it, ma'am ;)
mvdr Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Professional General Artist
Always loved your stories. Glad you are still writing even though I can only read the first bits.
plowjack Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I am still writing, though currently I'm just posting older things here. It's all still on Diana, though. She'll get new stuff, and I'm working on something new for DTM as well. Trying to pick up the pace a little...
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